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St. Patrick’s Day Festivities Near 30 Dalton image

St. Patrick’s Day Festivities Near 30 Dalton

If you’re exploring the area near 30 Dalton on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re definitely in the right place. Our city is the epicenter of everything Irish this time of year!

Basically everywhere you turn, people are toasting with a glass of Guinness, scored to traditional Irish music that echoes around the Harbor. Here are the best St. Patrick’s Day Festivities we recommend near your 30 Dalton living space:

Dropkick Murphys

In what is now an annual tradition around 30 Dalton, the Dropkick Murphys will be performing in Boston this weekend with four performances.

From Thursday through Sunday, one of the darling local acts of our city will split time between two venues. Performances on March  16, 17, and 18 will be at the new MGM Music Hall at Fenway while the March 19 set will be at House of Blues Boston. The band’s tour will be in support of their upcoming album “This Machine Still Kills Fascists”. The Celtic punksters are local and even derived their name from a local wrestler. 

St. Patrick’s Parade 

Since 1901, the parade has been a prominent part of our history near 30 Dalton. Over one million participants – all dressed in green – attend annually. The parade starts on West Broadway (easterly) and eventually concludes at Dorchester Ave.

This year’s event will feature marching bands and pipe bands from throughout North America. The parade travels through South Boston – Boston’s most Irish neighborhood. 

St. Patrick’s Day Race

Corned beef and Guinness is all fine and good… but after you run the morning of St. Patrick’s Day. Hosted two hours before the start of the annual parade, the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Race attracts all levels of participants.

The race brings runners through South Boston and features live Celtic music. Since 1940, the 5k has donated all proceeds to the local Boys & Girls Club. 

Pub Crawls 

There is no shortage of Irish pubs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Why not try several of them in one day? 

There is a glut of holiday bar crawls near 30 Dalton.

Indulge in exclusive drink specials and themed attire in the Get Lucky Crawl, The Pub Crawl & Block Party, Official Pub Crawl, Lucky’s St. Patrick Day Bar Crawl, and many, many more!