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Best Thanksgiving Dishes You Should Eat At 30 Dalton image

Best Thanksgiving Dishes You Should Eat At 30 Dalton

We’re not necessarily picky eaters here at 30 Dalton, but we definitely play favorites with our holiday cuisine. There are many dishes in a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that are made from ingredients native to the Americas. These essential plates and side dishes make our mouths water. So loosen your belt, and remove a few buttons on your shirt… we’re about to dive into the Best Holiday Dishes Of All-Time: 


This fowl is better than ham, or chicken. 

It’s also the only time of year where eating the bird isn’t the diet of a health obsessed bodybuilder. No, it doesn’t taste like the bland ground option. 

Roasting this offering for hours gets dinner guests salivating for the most traditional of flavors. 

Mashed Potatoes

Boiled and peel, then crushed, this soft and creamy side is an essential. For even more flavor, dip your turkey slice into the starch, and slather that thing with gravy! 

Pumpkin Pie 

Again, we prefer pumpkin to the other traditional offerings of apple and pecan pie. 

Because everything is pumpkin spice this and that, indulge in the delicious and warm filling flavor that defines the season! 

Hot Rolls

In particular, croissants. Nothing beats Pillsbury, in our opinion. 

Hot rolls soaked in butter are scrumptious. So is using the buns to make sandwiches out of the leftovers. 

Either way, including this carb at the dinner table is a win-win. 


Yes… coffee. 

Here’s our stance: turkey is loaded with Trytophan. 

This amino acid, combined with a sizable caloric intake, will have you passed out next to your Uncle Bill post meal. Add a little caffeine with your dessert to avoid the binge eating crash!