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New Year Interior Decorating For Your 30 Dalton Living Space image

New Year Interior Decorating For Your 30 Dalton Living Space

Now that the most anticipated party of the year has come and passed, it’s time to clean up the streamers, toss out the champagne bottles, and redecorate your 30 Dalton living space!

If you’re planning on adding a bit of class and sass to finesse your home’s interior, you’ve come to the right place.

Check out our tips and tricks to get some modern decoration ideas for the New Year! 

Be Choosey With Your Wall Art

Wall plate decor is predicted to be the popular and trendy decoration in 2023. When hanging your wall plate, it can serve as a part of an elaborate wall arrangement or an isolated centerpiece. 

Metal wall decors in copper, brass, and steel can provide an alluring gleam to any color scheme. 

Local paintings can also be found in most city’s annual First Fridays. 

Bring The Outside In 

With working from home at an all time high, keeping our connection with nature is of the utmost importance!

Sure, the scenery outside our 30 Dalton window window is everything, but feel free to incorporate those natural elements indoors. Potted plants – as well as floral decals and prints – can liven up any room. 

Go For Color 

White and neutral interiors are falling out of favor, replaced by vibrant color palettes. Minimalism expands beyond simplicity and now includes expressive elements that add contrast and warmth to interior dimensions. People are turning towards lived-in colors, including decor, rugs, and pillows to add bright elements. 

Refurbish & Reuse

Decorators no longer care about matching and coordinating. 

This year will have interior designs turning to heirlooms and thrifting. The interest in vintage and reused furniture is at an all-time high. These second-life goods can easily be incorporated into design-savvy layouts. 

Plus, it’s a solid environmental choice to make!