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Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

The start of January means scrambling for New Year’s Resolutions! And this year — unlike the others — you’ll actually follow through with your goals. 

As gyms are cluttered and disgruntled employees start dusting off their resumes, people all over the world are planning out the ways they will make 2023 the best yet. However, statistics don’t lie: millions give up on these resolutions almost immediately, with health-related resolutions making up the top three most commonly pledged. After the ball drops, here are the top short-term and long-term goals that people make:

Get In Shape 

This one is all encompassing. 

Aspiring athletes hope to establish a new exercise routine, especially if the reps and sets can last past next month! After all the binge eating of the holidays — including office parties, family dinners, and sugary stocking stuffers — everyone needs to detox. 

Coming in heavy, tipping the scales toward the other direction, diet plans are established, the right groceries are purchased, and calories are tracked — after the weight calculating app is downloaded from the cloud, of course. 

Personal Financing  

The bills continue to pile up, directly impacting a credit score. Multiple credit cards are tucked away in a wallet, each debt weighing heavy. Useless trinkets sit unopened throughout the room. Looking at all the clutter, it’s easy to see where planning a successful financial future is always important. 

 As another year passes without that dream car or forever home, those sketching out resolutions will re-evaluate budgeting, taking responsibility for both current and future spending.

Stop Bad Habits 

Each year, 2.9 million people successfully quit smoking. Numerous insomniacs greet the first days of January bleary eyed and sluggish, wishing they could get more sleep. Countless finally address their mental health issues. 

Instead of dealing with mañana syndrome, those taking the initiatives go through a plethora of bad or detrimental habits that they try to kick at the turn of ’23. 

Benefits of ridding the wrongs include: reinvigorated and energetic, weight loss to healthier levels, savings, and many more. 

Clean Up

Yes, this could be misconstrued as a Marie Kondo advertisement. Despite the obvious health benefits of improving indoor air quality and effectively eliminating allergens, tidying up sparks mental well being. The absence of clutter helps focus and concentration. By reducing the anxiety of needing to declutter, those that pick things up and put them away creates clarity and control. 


People usually say they don’t have time to read. Those people are wrong. 

By watching one less episode of a binged television show, or picking up a book 20 minutes before bed, a nonreader could turn into a bibliophile very quickly. Studies show that a couple books a year can strengthen the brain and serve as a good stress reducer.