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Essential Decorating Styles For Your 30 Dalton Living Space image

Essential Decorating Styles For Your 30 Dalton Living Space

When it comes to decorating your apartment, picking the right style that suits your preferences can be overwhelming. After all, your living space should be a reflection of you: your likes, tastes, and personalities all conveyed inside your home. 

Fortunately, interior decorators are quick to educate on designer methods tailored to the unique individual. After all, interior design is about more than appearances – good design helps you thrive in the space where you spend so much time. 

These are the most popular decorating styles that would pair well with your 30 Dalton living space: 


This decorating style is a no-brainer. Different from the modernistic approach that decorators often confuse it with,contemporary utilizes designs heavily influenced by current trends and styles. 

There is fluidity in curves and softer edges, replete with straight and clean lines.


Popularized by Marie Kondo, this simplistic method exudes a decluttered lifestyle. The minimalistic approach showcases crispness in shape, muted colors, and bare aesthetics. 

Accessories are sparse, and messy areas are rendered obsolete. Rooms feature clean lines and pure functionality. You can often pair minimalistic with both modern and contemporary decorating styles. 


Go to any hipster bar or coffee house around 30 Dalton, and you’ll know exactly how this shabby chic style looks. Rustic is all about the imperfections, relying heavily on nature for furnishings. 

Chairs, tables, and even appliances are inspired by wood finishes: unfinished, worn, and chipped. There are plenty of potted plants to go around, complimented by loosely woven textiles. 


If you always dreamt about living in a metallic and sparse urban setting, this one is for you! Industrial style embraces the unfinished and hard-working elements of a structure. Inside the factory/warehouse vibe, you’ll find metal, wood, and exposed piping. 

The color scheme is all about the neutrality of urban life, specifically the raw materials that go into making houses and apartments. 


Most people can’t pick out Scandinavia on a map, but their stylistic inspo is being used around the world. The import is all about simplicity, combining elements of artistic, sculptural, and natural elements. 

Being in a room should feel spacious, punctuated by natural lighting and well-placed accessories. 

If you’re envisioning your decorative space, our apartments at 30 Dalton are perfect to implement your dream room! Give us a ring to book your tour!