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Tips for Giving Back to the Back Bay Community This Holiday Season image

Tips for Giving Back to the Back Bay Community This Holiday Season

It’s the giving season, and giving gifts is fun, but giving back to the community is a rewarding experience on its own. These tips for giving back to the Back Bay Community can make your holiday season, and others’, extra special this year. 

Shop locally

This time of year can be huge for local businesses, and doing your holiday shopping locally not only directly helps the owners but supports the local economy. The personal touch that comes with purchasing gifts from a smaller, local business cannot be duplicated in large stores and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who receives the gifts. Additionally, this could inspire others to shop locally, helping to bring more customers to these businesses in the future! 

Find local charities to give to

There is never a bad time to give to charity, but this time of year is a time when people are looking to give a bit more than usual. Finding local charities to give to is a way to give back to your community, and often, you are able to see the impact of your generosity in the community where you live. 

Volunteer your time

Much like giving to local charities, your time is valuable and can be used to make a difference in your community that you can see and feel directly. There are many avenues when it comes to volunteering, from food pantries to parks, libraries, animal shelters, and everything in between, being generous with your time can be more valuable than you realize. 

Pay it forward

The next time you go holiday shopping, go on your morning coffee run, or fill up at the gas pump, purchasing the order of the person behind or in front of you could not only make someone’s day better, but could make a difference in their holiday shopping in general. Every penny counts for many people this time of year, and paying it forward is just one way you can spread holiday cheer in your community! 

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