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3 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving at 30 Dalton Extra Special This Season image

3 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving at 30 Dalton Extra Special This Season

It’s the time of year to gather with family and friends, and this year there is an emphasis on making these gatherings extra special. These tips will help you make your Thanksgiving at 30 Dalton one to remember. 

Set the table for the season

Creating a fun table setting can make any dinner feel a bit more special, but there are many options when decorating for Thanksgiving. Seasonal accoutrements, such as faux leaves or garlands, themed place mats, table runners and cloths, and colored tapered candles can make your spread stunning for your guests. Not to mention, it gives your equally stunning dinner a worthy place to be served! You can even involve your guests in the place setting, letting everyone in on the decorating fun!

Game night!

There are few better ways to bond with your friends and family than to sit down, relax, and play a board game or card game together! You can set aside a portion of your Thanksgiving gathering and dedicate it to playing board games, and even incorporate your guests into the process of choosing games to play! Setting out games for your guests to vote on playing, or even styling it like a pitch in (bring your own board game) can add an extra level of fun to your day! 

Pitch-in Thanksgiving

Hosting a Thanksgiving meal can be a huge event, and even feel like a daunting task to some. A fun way to include your guests in creating the Thanksgiving spread is to host a pitch-in style meal where each guest brings a dish, dessert, or snack to contribute! This way, there will be a wide variety of foods and even adds a fun element of surprise to a traditional Thanksgiving meal! 

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