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3 Perfect Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween at 30 Dalton image

3 Perfect Scary Movies to Watch on Halloween at 30 Dalton

These classic horror films are perfect for your viewing on Halloween at 30 Dalton, so curl up with your favorite Halloween treats and prepare to be spooked! 


This timeless horror film is one that never gets old, and there is no better time to watch it than on (you guessed it…) Halloween! The events chronicled on Halloween in Haddonfield, Illinois are sure to give you chills to the bone. Not to mention watching your back for the masked Michael Myers! And the great part about Halloween, is that there are currently 12 films in the series, so if you love the first, there are plenty of spooks to follow. Additionally, the newest “Halloween” film is in theaters, so you can take advantage of that this year as well! 


For a slightly different type of scare, “Jaws” is a timeless film that always provides thrills and a quality spook, with a departure from the traditional slasher. This classic thriller takes the viewer on a journey following a series of terrifying shark attacks in the unassuming beach town of Amity Island. “Jaws” will make you squirm for quality Halloween viewing and might make you think twice before getting into the water the next time you take a trip to the beach. If you didn’t get enough by watching “Jaws”, the three sequels that follow should do the trick! 

“Friday the 13th”

Take a trip with a group of teenage camp counselors to Camp Crystal Lake, and prepare to be encountered by the always creepy Jason Voorhies! This timeless slasher is guaranteed to provide you with plenty of scares. With 11 more films based on the original, you don’t have to worry about running out of Halloween viewing! 

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