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Unwind with these Easy Summer Cocktails at 30 Dalton image

Unwind with these Easy Summer Cocktails at 30 Dalton

Can you think of anything better than unwinding with a delicious cocktail on a hot summer day? It’s not easy, is it? What is easy are these drinks that are refreshing and take only a few minutes to make, ensuring you have more time to relax and enjoy your refreshing cocktails (responsibly!) at 30 Dalton. 


This simply tasty and refreshing beverage is one that you just can’t go wrong with on a hot day… the mojito! This minty alcoholic beverage is not only cool and refreshing, but it’s delicious and a breeze to mix up! This recipe takes minimal no time and ensures maximum enjoyment for you and your guests! Helpful hint: This cocktail is best enjoyed with a straw so that you get all of the flavors from the first sip until the last!


Raise your hand if you love a delicious margarita on a perfect summer day? (We see you! Raise them high!) And when it only takes five minutes to make one, there’s no reason you shouldn’t kick back and indulge yourself with a margarita and soak up the sun! And the best part about this cocktail is the endless possibilities with alcohol varieties, flavorings, and accoutrements to choose from when creating your margarita. And for your group summer gatherings, a margarita bar is a fun way to be sure that everyone gets to make their own unique cocktail creation! 

Pina Colada

This classic tropical cocktail is a bit more involved than the previous two in ingredients and steps, but it’s still easy to make and well worth the little bit of extra effort! You and any guests you may have will be instantly transported from Devonshire to a party on a beach at 5 o’clock somewhere. A fun tip for this cocktail is to mix it up with variations on the alcohol and flavorings you use! The staple ingredients will stay the same, but part of the fun of this cocktail is the ability to make it your own!

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