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3 Ways to Decorate Your 30 Dalton Home for Summer image

3 Ways to Decorate Your 30 Dalton Home for Summer

Is your living space in need of a summer refresh? Whether you’re looking to just add a few summery elements to your home or looking to give your place a whole new summertime vibe, these decorating tips will ensure that you’ll use nothing short of “perfect” to describe your 30 Dalton Home this summer. 

Summertime scents

Specific scents are associated with different seasons and scenarios, and summer has many signature scents to choose from! A defining and unique feature of any home is the way it smells when you walk in, and some scents that are perfect for summer include anything tropical or coconutty, linen or clean laundry related, and bright or fruity floral scents. Bonus decorator points go to opting for a lighted wax melter or a sleek and stylish reed diffuser!

Bright and beautiful 

Sunshine is a summertime staple, and taking advantage of natural and artificial light can elevate your living space’s vibes, and add an extra bit of pizzazz to the overall ambiance of your home. There are several options when it comes to trendy string lighting and accent lamps. Whether you’re carefully coordinating your summertime decorations or styling it all to be more of a mix-and-match situation, opening up your space to natural light and accenting with the perfect lighting decor can bring the sunshine into your home, keeping it bright and beautiful, night and day!

Floral features

Few things say “summer” more than beautiful blooms! Indoor plants provide an easy solution to brightening and livening up any space that needs a little extra life or just a pop of color! The wide variety of indoor plants that suit various styles of upkeep and maintenance leave an endless amount of possibilities when incorporating flowers and foliage into your decor. If you’re not into bringing actual plants into your home, artificial plants or even floral prints can help you achieve the same effect in your 30 Dalton home!

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