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Cozy Indoor Activities at 30 Dalton for a Rainy Spring Day image

Cozy Indoor Activities at 30 Dalton for a Rainy Spring Day

Although the weather is shaping up and there’s more to do outdoors, there will always be the occasional rainy day! 30 Dalton has you covered. These indoor activities at 30 Dalton will make you forget about the bad weather because you’re having such a good time! 

Relax in the Skyline Suite

There’s nothing more beautiful than the Boston skyline, even in the rain! Head up to the 26th floor and relax with your favorite book, or music, or chat with friends all while enjoying a stunning view of this gorgeous city. The gentle tapping of the rain on the windows along with the double height ceilings and stately stone fireplace will create a cozy, serene atmosphere all residents are able to enjoy. 

Watch a movie or read a good book

When was the last time you sat down, cuddled up with a huge, soft blanket (or your furry friend!), some snacks and a drink and enjoyed your favorite movie or a riveting book? If the answer is forever ago, or even just yesterday, your 30 Dalton Living space is perfect for doing exactly this on a rainy spring day. Floor to ceiling windows in the apartments will give you beautiful views of the city, even during the rain! And for preparing your snacks, the sleek, modern kitchens are designed for beautiful form and flawless function so that you can quickly and easily make what you want and get back to enjoying your relaxing day at 30 Dalton. 

Grab a drink and a treat and enjoy the view

There’s nothing like a warm drink on a rainy day, and the Flour Bakery & Cafe on the second floor is the perfect place to indulge and relax on a day like this. Grab your custom-brewed coffee and head back to your 30 Dalton home, or head up to the 26th floor and take in the view of the breathtaking Boston skyline. Savor every sip or bite and every relaxing moment on a lovely, rainy day indoors. 

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