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How You Can Live Green at 30 Dalton

Living green is a solid and fairly simple way each of us can make a difference in the world. There are many ways to incorporate green living into your daily life and routine, and these tips should help you live cleaner and greener at 30 Dalton!

Walking, Biking, Reducing Your Footprint!

As the weather gradually gets warmer and you’re getting out and about more often, it’s much easier and more enjoyable to get from one place to another by walking or riding your bike! Not only are these great ways to enjoy the beautiful city of Boston, but it’s also a wonderful step in an effort to reduce your carbon footprint and add a greener method of transportation into your daily life! And as an added bonus, walking and riding your bike are wonderful (and fun) ways to help you stay fit! 

Efficient Appliances

Efficient appliances can save you money and conserve the amount of energy used to power them. This aspect of living green at 30 Dalton is covered, as each apartment is equipped with stainless steel Energy Star appliances! This ensures that the largest daily sources of energy usage in each living space are efficient for our residents and the environment!

Sustainability Over Convenience

In today’s non-stop world, it’s no wonder most of us absentmindedly opt for convenience over sustainability. Using paper towels and plates rather than cloth towels and glassware, choosing plastic straws over metal or glass straws, settling for plastic grocery bags rather than bringing reusable totes, and grabbing for plastic zip-bags versus reusable glass storage containers are just a few of the ways in which many people (again, often absentmindedly, or out of habit!) choose convenience over sustainability. However, shifting to a more sustainable way of living, even in these seemingly small ways, can make a massive impact on the environment and can save you money and the hassle of repeatedly buying single-use products all the time! 

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

We’ve all heard this saying. Most likely, you’ve been hearing “reduce, reuse, recycle” since you were in grade school. Knowing the saying and making it a part of your daily life are two entirely different things, though. Once you start, it’s simple and can make a massive impact on the world around you! Reduce your waste, reuse materials that can be repurposed, and consider recycling (after confirming your object is recyclable!) before tossing something in the garbage! There are numerous ways you can accomplish each of these things, and some are as simple as using refillable water bottles rather than buying disposable plastic bottles, using cloth products versus paper, or even just making use of those cardboard boxes from your online shopping sprees. Every little bit counts and can help in your journey to live green at 30 Dalton! 

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