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3 Things You Need to Help You Stay Warm at 30 Dalton image

3 Things You Need to Help You Stay Warm at 30 Dalton

The Boston cold can be brutal. Just a few moments out in the elements could leave your hands and feet tingling from the cold. The wind could burn your face. Don’t let the cold get to you this year. Stay warm at 30 Dalton with these must-have winter items.

A Hat and Face Mask Combo

When your head stays warm, the rest of your body will stay warmer too. This Mysuntown Winter Hat with Mask features a faux fur interior and its windproof, so you’re protected from all of Boston’s cold. It even has a removable face mask that adds an extra layer of warmth. It’s comfortable, stylish, practical and so warm.

Winter Boots

This Caribou Boot at Sorel is the winter boot that you’ve been searching for. They’re fashionable and functional. The interior is insulated with felt and features a Sherpa cuff for extra warmth around the ankles. They’ve also got great traction to ensure that you won’t be slipping on any ice this season. If you want to stay warm at 30 Dalton, then these boots are something you’re going to need to add to your closet.

A Travel Mug

Sometimes all you need to warm up on a cold day is a hot beverage. That’s why you need the  Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug, or something similar. This will keep your drink piping hot for hours and hours, so you can sip as you walk. It’s also spill proof – so don’t worry about it leaking all over your clothes. Layer up and make yourself a hot coffee to take with you on the go to keep both your insides and your outsides nice and toasty.

Stay warm at 30 Dalton this winter with these practical and toasty must-haves. Your winter wardrobe needs some upgrades, and these are just the things to add. Now you’re ready to go brave the Boston cold with confidence.   

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