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3 Books You Need to Read at 30 Dalton This Year image

3 Books You Need to Read at 30 Dalton This Year

What’s on your reading list for this year? Now is the perfect time to curl up on your couch with a great book. Avoid the Boston cold and go on a great adventure all from the comfort of your home when you read at 30 Dalton. Here are just a few books that are must-reads this year.

The Survivors

This Jane Harper novel features a Kieran Elliot, a man haunted by his past. After a reckless decision he made when he was younger left three dead, Kieran cannot escape his conscious. When a body shows up on the beach of his hometown, the police need Kieran’s help. Is this death related to the ones he caused? This mystery will leave you gripped to the edge of the seat as you quickly turn pages to find Kieran’s fate.

The Four Winds

If you like history, then this book is for you. Kristin Hannah tells a story set in Texas in 1934, where a severe drought plagues the land. In a desperate last-ditch effort for survival, Elsa Martinelli must decide rather to stay in Texas and take on the dust storms, or journey to west California with her family. This book may be fiction, but it’s so believable you’ll forget that when you read at 30 Dalton, you’re not living in the 1930’s too.

Project Hail Mary

You’ll have to wait for spring to read this one, as it doesn’t release until May 4. In this novel, Earth is near extinction, and a group of astronauts are sent on a mission to space in search of hope. Ryland Grace, an astronaut on this desperate mission, wakes up to find his crew dead. He has no memory of his mission and he doesn’t know how they died. Alone, he must now find hope and answers. This Andy Weir novel will make you think about the future and what’s to come as you ponder what really happened that day in space.

Don’t forget that 30 Dalton has a book club that meets once a week – currently over Zoom – so you can keep up with great novels all year long. If you’d like to join and read at 30 Dalton, send an email to for details. Happy reading!

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