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Tips for Spending a Great Day in the Boston Snow image

Tips for Spending a Great Day in the Boston Snow

You could choose to live in misery when a blanket of cold snow covers Boston. Or, you could choose to enjoy the gift it has given you. This year, make an effort to go outside and enjoy the Boston snow. You’ll have so much that you’ll forget it’s even cold out.

Build a Snowman

You can’t go wrong with this classic winter activity. Bring hats, gloves and more to accessorize your snowman. Think outside the box. Have a snowman building contest with the whole family. There’s so much more to building a snowman than just rolling up three balls of snow. Test your skills – and your patience – and create the best snowman you’ve ever seen! If you’re even more ambitious, you could try to build a snow fort for your snowmen to hide behind (or for shelter in a snowball fight!)

Blow Bubbles

This one might sound even more childish than building a snowman, but it’ll leave you in awe. When the temperatures are below freezing, your bubbles may freeze in the air. They’ll fall like glass into the fluffy white snow. This beautiful sight is definitely fun for all ages.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

This activity is fun for families and couples alike. Walk around the neighborhood hiding colorful objects in the snow, and then send others on a mission to find them. You’ll get lots of time breathing in fresh air and admiring the snowscapes that the Boston snow has left. You could even freeze ice cubes with food coloring in them and hide those instead. Either way, it’s sure to be an entertainment day out in the snow.

Boston snow is a beautiful gift for enjoying. Don’t hide from it – run to it. How will you enjoy this winter magic?

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