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The Best Christmas Activities to Get in the Holiday Spirit at 30 Dalton image

The Best Christmas Activities to Get in the Holiday Spirit at 30 Dalton

Christmas is in the air! Get in the holiday spirit at 30 Dalton with these festive activities. Which one will you make a new tradition?

Make Salt Dough Ornaments and Gingerbread Houses

Baking and decorating Christmas cookies are a staple of this holiday season. You can keep up this classic tradition of course, but this year, why add some more creative activities to your holiday festivities? Salt dough ornaments are a festive and easy craft that’s perfect for all ages. All you need is salt, flour and water to start crafting these fun ornaments. Grab a gingerbread house kit or make your own from scratch and have a gingerbread decorating contest. Who can make the most creative, intense house? Oh and, you can eat it once you’re finished!

Watch the Nutcracker (Or Other Holiday Shows)

Though you might not be able to catch The Nutcracker in theatres this year, you still won’t have to miss out on this Christmas classic. There’s nothing like a movie night to encourage some holiday spirit at 30 Dalton. Get the family together, dress up like you’re going to the theatre, and then sit together and watch this long-standing show online this year. If that isn’t your thing, keep the same idea but have a Christmas movie night in. There are so many holiday shows, so pick your favorite and make a night of it!

Sleep Under the Tree

Get in the holiday spirit at 30 Dalton with some quality time under the Christmas tree. This activity is perfect for both romantic and family relationships! Put on cozy matching Christmas pajamas, cozy socks and Santa hats. Pad the floor with blankets and sleeping bags and turn out all the lights. This sleepover under the twinkling lights will be magical, cozy and Christmas dream come true.

Christmas fun goes beyond decorating the tree and listening to Christmas tunes. Try something new and truly feel the holiday spirit this year at 30 Dalton. You’ll be glad you did.

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