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Stay Productive at 30 Dalton with a Work from Home Space image

Stay Productive at 30 Dalton with a Work from Home Space

When you’re working from home, it can be hard to keep focus. There’s a lot you can do minimize distractions and maximize productivity. One of the most important though, it give yourself a designated workspace. These tips will help you create a space for you to help you stay productive at 30 Dalton.

Quietest Corner

Experts recommend that you should “think like a mouse” when setting up your workspace. That is, you should find the quietest corner of the house and call it your own. Make sure that you set up office in a place that nothing else can interfere with. It’s not where the kids play. It’s not where food is prepped. It’s not where you can hear your significant other watching TV. Ideally, you should set up in a place where there’s a door so that you can shut out the outside world. Wherever you choose to put your work from home office, just remember to think like a mouse!

Add Greenery

Incorporating some plants into your workspace brightens things up and gives you a breath of fresh air when your eyes and brain need a break. They bring some of the outdoors in to you. Not only does greenery look great, but plants have been proven to help improve concentration and efficiency. Flowers, cacti or other leafy plants are highly recommended additions to help you stay productive at 30 Dalton. It’s decorative, but it’s so much more.

Think Minimalist

 When setting up your work from home space, you should keep it simple. A few personalizations are necessary, but beyond that, keep your space clean and organized. Don’t clutter it with unnecessary items or let your documents sprawl out over the entire desk. To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed and help you stay focused on the task at hand, your space should look like it was designed by a minimalist.

Stay productive at 30 Dalton by creating a functional, beautiful workspace. You’ll feel your motivation rise when you have a space just for you and your work. How will you personalize your new workplace?

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