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3 Ways to Enjoy the Stunning 30 Dalton Terrace image

3 Ways to Enjoy the Stunning 30 Dalton Terrace

The 30 Dalton Terrace is a dream come true for anyone who loves a great view. This 26th floor outdoor lounge area will leave you speechless. Relax and enjoy luxury with these tips for enjoying this stunning 30 Dalton amenity.

Reflect at Sunset

After a long hard day of working and stressing, taking time to reflect on your day and find peace before you begin again is important. What better place to journal, think or reminisce than on top of the world with stunning views to inspire and encourage you? The 30 Dalton Terrace is the picture-perfect place for that. Watch the sun set and the bustling streets come to a rest. Take it in. Relax. And let go.

Read or Write a Book

Reading a book outside is serene. You get caught up in the plot and lose sight of reality, until a gentle breeze blows across your face and takes you back to the moment. Reading (or writing) a book is a great way to unwind or to spark creativity. Head up to the terrace when you need a break from reality and be surrounded by beauty and peace. What book will you bring up with you?

Socialize with a Cocktail

Alone time is nice, but sometimes you need to be with others. Bring your friends and family to the 30 Dalton Terrace for a lovely evening enjoying the weather, the view and the company. Don’t forget to mix up your favorite cocktail and sip on it as you socialize. Invite your neighbors to join you for a martini on the terrace and make a new friend. You have access to the perfect location for a classy or chill hangout!

You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world when you’re on the 30 Dalton Terrace. Enjoy the view and all that the terrace has to offer. How will you indulge in luxury?

Ready to call 30 Dalton home? Your new pet-friendly home awaits. Take a virtual tour or schedule an in-person tour today!