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How to Enhance Your 30 Dalton Balcony For The Summer image

How to Enhance Your 30 Dalton Balcony For The Summer

Take advantage of the summer weather and sunshine by turning your 30 Dalton balcony into your own oasis. Whether you turn it into a workspace when working from home, a place of rest and relaxation, or maybe even a garden. The possibilities are endless. Here are some ways you can make your balcony your own.

Decorate With a Theme in Mind

To create the perfect balcony environment, you’ll want to have a theme in mind before you decorate. Maybe you go for a bohemian vibe for a chill and casual atmosphere. Maybe you feel inspired by a specific place like Paris, the seaside or other fun locations. Channel these places in your decor. Whatever makes you feel relaxed and happy should be the direction you go for choosing your balcony theme.   

Create a Mood

Set the mood for your balcony oasis. If it’s a place of relaxation, maybe add some candles or scents to help you clear your mind. If it’s a place to lounge, maybe add some string lights for watching the sunset. If you’re looking to connect with the outdoors, surround yourself with plants, flowers, bird feeders, or even a fresh herb garden.

Make It Fit Your Needs

Depending on how you plan to spend your time on your 30 Dalton balcony will determine the type of seating you need. You can create a lounge space with a bench and a comfy cushion top. Get a small table and chairs for outdoor dining. A table and desk for working from home. A chaise for soaking up some sun. There’s seating for all types of balcony activities.

Your 30 Dalton balcony opens up opportunities for creating a space dedicated to enjoying the outdoors, relaxing and a change of scenery. How will you create a transformative space for your summer spent on your balcony?

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