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Give Your 30 Dalton Home a Refresh With These Home Decor Tips image

Give Your 30 Dalton Home a Refresh With These Home Decor Tips

You’ve completed your spring cleaning, now it’s time to enhance your newly organized space. Give your 30 Dalton home a refresh with these simple tips. With just a few small changes to brighten your home, you’ll notice a brighter vibe that is sure to enhance your mood.

Add Some Natural Beauty 

Spring and summer are a time of blossoming and growth. Take advantage of this time by decorating with beautiful flowers all over your 30 Dalton home. Whether it’s freshly cut flowers from your favorite florist or house plants taking bloom, you can’t go wrong bringing some nature into your home decor. With floor-to-ceiling windows, your plants will get plenty of sunlight.

Switch Out Accessories 

Even just the slightest change in your home decor accessories can make a big difference to any room. Freshen up your throw pillows with more bright colors or bold designs. Switch out the towels in your kitchen and bathroom with a pop of color or spring cheer. Maybe you even switch your bedroom up with a lighter comforter and sheets. Change can be good for both your mood and your home decor.

Create New Scents

Each season has different scents that define them. For winter you want scents that make you feel cozy like cinnamon or spruce. For fall, pumpkin or apple scents help get you in the mood for fall festivities. But for spring and summer, floral and citrus scents are a must. These scents bring a whole new energy to any room.

Now is a great time to switch your home decor up a bit. What are you doing to give your 30 Dalton home a refresh? Tag us on social media to share your bright, new 30 Dalton home decor.

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