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4 Ways To Practice Self-Care at 30 Dalton image

4 Ways To Practice Self-Care at 30 Dalton

Practicing self-care at 30 Dalton is more important than ever. You want to continue being in good health mentally, physically and socially. We hope you give these tips a try for the ultimate at-home self care routine. Remember that there’s nothing wrong with focusing on yourself occasionally, it’s actually good for you.

Get Plenty of Rest

With all of the stress and anxiety you’re probably feeling from a new routine, right now may be a hard time to get a full night’s rest. If you use the following tips they may help you feel more at ease when you head to bed. Some things to avoid with your new routine is using your bed for reasons outside of sleep, like working, eating or watching TV. You just might find yourself getting better sleep.

Cook Healthy Meals

Your 30 Dalton kitchen was designed with top notch appliances and features to make you fall in love with cooking and baking. It’s the perfect time to put it to work. Instead of focusing on the food you crave, focus on eating a well balanced meal. What you eat can impact your mental and physical health. Fuel your body with the good stuff and you’ll feel the benefits. 

Take Breaks

Self-care at 30 Dalton means relieving stress. Maybe that’s doing an at-home workout or meditating. You don’t need workout equipment to do either. Outdoor walks while practicing social distancing are a great way to get some Vitamin D and fresh air to clear the mind.  You could even turn your bathroom into a home spa. Draw yourself a warm bath or take a refreshing shower and pamper yourself with some peace and quiet. Throw in some essential oils to take full advantage of this spa time.

Stay Connected

Relationships are an important part of our overall health. That’s why it’s so important to check in with friends and family. Use video chat apps for virtual hangouts and to catch up with friends near and far. Even a phone call to say hey can make a huge difference.

Put your health first by practicing these self-care tips at 30 Dalton. Your luxury home has everything you need to unwind and de-stress. What are other self-care tips you have?

Ready to call 30 Dalton home? Your new home awaits. Take a virtual tour or contact us today!