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The Best Apartment Plants for Your Home at 30 Dalton image

The Best Apartment Plants for Your Home at 30 Dalton

Besides being a natural way to add some color and decor to your home, houseplants are important for boosting your mood and purifying the air. If you’re worried about the responsibility behind keeping a real plant alive, find a low maintenance plant that doesn’t need a lot of time and attention. With floor-to-ceiling windows at your home at 30 Dalton, natural lighting is never hard to find so your plants should thrive.

Spider Plant

If you water weekly and provide indirect sunlight, the spider plant will love your home. These are one of the easiest plants to care for and a popular apartment plant. The mix of light green and dark green leaves add a nice pop of color to any room.

Snake Plant

These unique plants are tall and perfect for adding texture and color to the hard spaces like the corners of your room. Plus, they’re really easy to care for. You can accidentally neglect a snake plant and it will be able to handle it. All plants need a little love to grow though.  

Iron Plant

Like the name suggests, this plant is strong and resilient. The iron plant is the plant for those who enjoy houseplants but struggle keeping them alive. It’s one of the most durable apartment plants you’ll find. The best part is, the full dark green leaves will look so elegant in your 30 Dalton home.   

Chinese Evergreen

Using plants to decorate a bathroom is one of the latest trends. The Chinese Evergreen is an apartment plant that can thrive in most low and artificial lighting as well as humid places. You’ll also love their unique large leaves with wavy margins. Add this plant to a shelf, end table or on the floor of your bathroom.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

These very popular apartment plants grow up so you don’t have to worry about it taking up your floor space. The dark green, large leaves add a bold statement and look great with any decor style. Just make sure this plant gets plenty of sunlight, not direct light though, and the soil remains damp. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at keeping plants alive, these apartment plants will look great in your home at 30 Dalton. Share with us how you’ve decorated your home with houseplants. 

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