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Expect a Taste of Southern Italy at Domenic’s, Now Open in the North End

Seeking a taste of Southern Italy? You’re in luck. Chef Damien DiPaola, owner of the beloved and often packed Carmelina’sopened Domenic’s on Salem Street this past July. The new North End eatery, named after DiPaola’s father, is a more casual atmosphere than Carmelina’s but still features the kind of Italian cuisine that will have you kissing your fingertips with delight. 

The menu offers a selection of reasonably priced Italian- American and Calabrian dishes. If you’re looking for an appetizer a little more adventurous than fried calamari, the grilled octopus puttanesca brings the sauceAnother must have dish is the Tuna Arrabbiata, which is served over crispy potatoes with an olive tapenade and Calabrian peppers, finished with an aged balsamic vinegar. Make sure to check out the cocktail menu and wine list as well. The staff is more than happy to help you find the perfect libation to bring out the flavors in your meal.