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Try Classic New England Popovers at Popover King image

Try Classic New England Popovers at Popover King

There’s a new spot on Canal Street in the West End, and it takes the humble popover to a gourmet level. Popover King is a coffee shop and chic bistro that creates a high/low spin on the New England specialty. 

The menu has sweet or savory popovers with indulgent fillings like lemon Bavarian crème, ham and hollandaise sauce, or rich buttery lobster. While the decadent toppings could easily steal the show from the simple popover, Popover King’s flaky base is a star all on its own. They’ve managed to create a pastry that is airy and crisp, but sturdy enough to stand up to bold toppings. Their coffee is a perfect foil for the popovers, and they utilize a partnership with OZO for ethically-sourced, richly flavorful beans. Preliminary reviews for Popover King are already strong, and many comment on the friendliness of the staff as much as the phenomenal food. Check them out for a new dining concept featuring a distinctly New England classic.