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Find the Freshest Seafood at Whaling in Oklahoma image

Find the Freshest Seafood at Whaling in Oklahoma

Don’t let the name fool you — Whaling in Oklahoma is a local Boston restaurant serving Japanese cuisine, not a Midwestern whale-watching tour. What to make of the restaurant’s unusual name? Consider it an ode to the pleasures of seafood. 

You’ll find plenty of ocean-sourced fare here, including whole sardines with lemon, diver scallops with shiitake mushrooms, and black bass served with three-year tamari and pickled vegetables. Pair your meal with a traditional glass of sake for the full experience (and feel free to ask your server for sake recommendations). Sake not your style? No problem; you’ll also find a variety of imported Japanese beers. Insider tip: it’s a good idea to book a reservation if you want to be sure you don’t have to wait for a table, but you should also be aware that it’s worthwhile to stop by when you’re in the neighborhood, as the restaurant holds a handful of tables for walk-in patrons every night.