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Try the Latest Dessert Craze at I-CE-NY image

Try the Latest Dessert Craze at I-CE-NY

I-CE-NY serves one of the year’s hottest food trends: rolled ice cream. The concept is actually pretty simple. Here, employees stand over a metal plate kept at deep-freeze temperatures, and pour a thin layer of sugar-infused cream over its surface. They spend a few minutes kneading and spreading the instantly frozen cream until it emulsifies, and then they scrape it off the metal plate in paper-thin, scroll-like rolls of ice cream. Regulars say it’s a novel way to enjoy one of Boston’s favorite desserts.

The shop’s signature flavor is its tropical mango sticky rice ice cream, which combines sweet Thai coconut milk with sticky rice and a bit of toasted coconut for a truly unique treat. You can also go for more traditional versions, including chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream — and don’t forget to add a bit of whipped cream or a spoonful of fresh fruit on top.