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Love Chocolate? Check Out Tipsy Chocolate Tours image

Love Chocolate? Check Out Tipsy Chocolate Tours

Passionate, enthusiastic, and downright obsessed – words that any true chocolate lover will understand. They are also words that describe chocolate expert Anne Wright. Her obsession with finding the best and most unique chocolates led to the creation of Tipsy Chocolate Tours. Anne has more than 10 years of experience working as a chocolatier, studying chocolate, and leading chocolate tours. This latest endeavor brings together the best of all things chocolate: making and talking about the decadent treat, along with plenty of tasting.

Since chocolate comes in so many wonderful forms, the tours also include tipsy favorites like boozy samples and chocolate cocktails. Tipsy Chocolate Tours has walking tours through the Back Bay and Beacon Hill, Tipsy Truffle making classes, and an in-depth chocolate tasting and discussion with a chocolate expert. Tipsy Chocolate Tours make a great girls trip, bridal or baby shower activity, or sexy date night that neither person would soon forget. Check out the different touring, tasting, and making options on their website.

Love Chocolate? Check Out Tipsy Chocolate Tours 

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