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Explore an Ever-Changing Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts

Since the original Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) opened on America’s 100th birthday (July 4, 1876), its collection has exploded to encompass nearly 100 times the initial lineup of 5,600 objects. Today, the collection includes almost 500,000 masterpieces in its recently renovated Huntington Avenue home. So it’s no wonder why the MFA attracts more than a million guests annually.

If you’ve never been to the MFA or haven’t visited recently, there’s no time like the present to explore its permanent collection and visiting exhibits. The permanent galleries showcase works of art that span time and space, including masterpieces by artists from nearly every continent. Both ancient and contemporary art are on display, as well as drawings, photos, and even musical instruments and pieces of jewelry from all different eras.

Explore an Ever-Changing Collection at the Museum of Fine Arts 

Public Domain/Pixabay/hjrivas