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Create Your Own Salad at minigrow image

Create Your Own Salad at minigrow

The newly opened minigrow is a great fast casual option if you’re looking for something quick and packed with veggie power. Choose from stir-fry or salads, each with a variety of fresh ingredients and sauces or dressings. There are a few suggested menu options, like the sesame garlic noodles with beef or Cobb salad with chicken, but the popular route is usually to create your own meal with minigrow’s variety of bases and toppings. All of their sauces and dressings are made fresh daily, and they source local ingredients whenever possible.

Considering the number of combinations and unique ingredients, you can make minigrow your go-to spot for a meal that is never the same as the last. The atmosphere at minigrow is casual but modern, and the portion sizes are quite large considering the reasonable prices of their entrees. You can also turn to minigrow for your catering needs to enjoy plentiful bowls of their menu favorites that serve up to 10 people.