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Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine at Pure Barre Boston image

Jumpstart Your Fitness Routine at Pure Barre Boston

Publications like Shape, Fitness, and Cosmopolitan have all taken notice of what’s happening at Pure Barre Boston and other branches of the Pure Barre family. It’s not just that this workout is trending, it’s that it really garners results. The unique fitness routine is low-impact, so it’s easy on the joints, but that’s the only aspect of it you could really refer to as “easy.”

Pure Barre enlists movements inspired by ballet, Pilates, and yoga to create a full-body workout. Some of the work unfolds on the floor and other moves require the ballet barre for support. The small, isometric movements target parts of the body that you may have trouble toning, including the hips, thighs, glutes, abs, and arms. The routine consists of strengthening moves followed immediately by stretching to build up your muscles without adding bulk. Come to try a class and experience the challenging workout for yourself.