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Freshly Roasted Beans Result in Bold Cups of Coffee at Cafe Landwer

The earliest incarnation of Cafe Landwer opened in Berlin in 1919. Moshe Landwer debuted a quaint cafe that sat mere steps from the coffee roastery where he and his family prepared the beans that the ground and brewed in the coffeehouse. In an effort to carry on this Old World tradition, the Cafe Landwer that opened three months ago in Boston also promises freshly roasted beans.

Come and grab a cup of joe at the retro-styled cafe to taste the difference for yourself. Unlike big-name cafes, Cafe Landwer crafts its own house blends using java beans from all over the globe, from Africa to Colombia. Complement your coffee or specialty drink with a breakfast bite, a salad or sandwich, or one of the healthy entrees—many of which are also vegan or gluten-free.