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Savor the Flavors of Spain, Peru and Hawaii at The KITCHEN’s Ceviche and Poke Workshop on January 24th

The KITCHEN seeks to reconnect novice chefs with the earth, offering seasonal cooking classes that usually feature locally sourced ingredients. That doesn't mean all of the classes revolve around lobster rolls and other New England dishes, though. On Wednesday, January 24th, The KITCHEN will host the Flavors of Spain, Peru, and Hawaii: Ceviche and Poke Workshop.

Come to the class from 6 to 8 p.m. to learn how to transform locally caught seafood into international entrees. The Peruvian ceviche features thin slices of white fish steeped in citrus, chilies, and a mix of herbs. The recipe from Spain showcases shellfish seasoned with fennel, mint, and orange. The poke, a classic Hawaiian dish, features tuna marinated with sweet and savory spices plus green onion and sesame seeds over rice. Learn how to carefully create each dish and enjoy the courses with Massachusetts wines on the side. Tickets start at $52.