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Dig Into a Classic New England Sandwich at Lobstah on a Roll

When you want an authentic New England lobster roll, aptly named Lobstah on a Roll is the place to go in the Back Bay. It opened to the public four weeks ago with an impressive lineup of sammies and the lobster roll as the menu’s crown jewel. The rolls are stuffed solely with chunks of lobster and lettuce, no unnecessary fillers, for a more authentic sandwich.

The rolls range in size from a six-inch roll to a “Monstah” five-foot roll, which should be enough to serve an entire Super Bowl party. You can also pick up a full lobster dinner with mashed potatoes and drawn butter on the side, or skip the lobster all together and try one of the other fresh sandwiches. The kitchen puts a contemporary twist on the BLT, loading their version with pork belly, heirloom tomatoes, butter lettuce, and herb-garlic aioli. Soups and smaller appetizers round out the menu.