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Design Your Own Feast at the Certified Meatball Company, a Modern Version of the Classic Butcher Shop

Although the Certified Meatball Company opened a mere two months ago in South Boston, you might feel like it’s been part of the neighborhood for decades when you walk in — and that’s the point. The owners of Certified Meatball Company were inspired by the old-school butcher shop, so they decided to recreate the butcher shop with a contemporary twist, offering the same fresh food in the atmosphere of a modern eatery.

Sunlight pours through the glass ceiling at this industrial-chic restaurant, and on nice days, the roof retracts to let even more sunshine and fresh air inside. Customers can build their own Italian meal for just $9, starting with the meatballs of their choice, from classic beef or chicken to spicy Korean pork and Moroccan lamb. Then select a sauce, such as basil-parmesan pesto or roasted garlic-marinara. For the final step, add a side of pasta. You can also dig into a specialty dish, like the slow-roasted turducken (turkey, duck, and chicken) meatballs with poultry gravy and lingonberry sauce. Feel free to add a house-made dessert or a craft cocktail to your meal at Certified Meatball Company.