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North Square Oyster: Locally Sourced Seafood and Libations image

North Square Oyster: Locally Sourced Seafood and Libations

At North Square Oyster, everything revolves around the locally sourced seafood, even the drink list. Each wine was selected specifically to pair with the fresh New England seafood that anchors the menu. And a collection of beers, ciders, and spirits from around Massachusetts also complement the freshly caught seafood.

Despite the fact that it’s only been open for two months, this North End eatery has already racked up more than 60 rave customer reviews. The hot lobster roll is one of the customers’ favorite menu items. It comes smothered with brown butter and accompanied by hand-cut fries. If the lobster roll isn’t available—which may happen, since the menu changes daily based on locally available ingredients—you still have plenty of other options. Fresh salmon and cod, lobster and oxtail bolognese, and seafood stew are just a few of the other tasty dishes at North Square Oyster.