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Find Healthy, Cold-Pressed Juices at Pressed Juicery image

Find Healthy, Cold-Pressed Juices at Pressed Juicery

Nutrition and great taste come together at Pressed Juicery, the area’s premiere spot for delicious cold-pressed juice. Not leaving anything to chance, Pressed Juicery commissioned the UCLA School of Medicine to study their juicing process. The results spoke for themselves — the products were dense in nutrition, low in sugar, and high in fiber.

Health benefits aside, the juices simply taste great. Take, for example, the Chocolate Almond juice — this signature juice is a combination of almond, cacao, dates, filtered water, and sea salt. These types of tasty concoctions are what have drawn the praise of many national publications, from Vanity Fair to O magazine.

Pressed Juicery also offers a variety of juice cleanses, for those who are looking to boost their metabolism with a blend of protein and complex carbohydrates. The convenience and flavor of the juices are truly a testament to Pressed’s promise: that living well shouldn’t be a compromise.