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Find a Modern Take on Greek Fare at Gre.Co image

Find a Modern Take on Greek Fare at Gre.Co

Situated right on Newbury Street, Gre.Co combines the convenience of authentic street fare with the high standards of a Greek gourmet chef. The eatery opened about two months ago with a menu consisting of classic gyros with your choice of fillings and sauces, along with salads and soups made with locally-sourced vegetables.

Try a pork pita sandwich stuffed with marinated and roasted pork, charred eggplant, and their popular spicy whipped feta. Pair your meal with a side of Greek salad and zucchini chips, or finish it off with their legendary Loukoumades, Greek fried doughnuts combined with lots of sweet and savory toppings.

Enjoy the flavorful recipes of Greece without the wait – Gre.Co places a strong emphasis on making their street food quickly and efficiently. Drop in for lunch, dinner, or a snack for a compact meal that’s easy to enjoy on the go or at one of their tables. You can also download their mobile app to place your order in advance.

Public Domain/Pixabay/jcvelis