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Enjoy Wood-Fired Italian Cuisine at Terra image

Enjoy Wood-Fired Italian Cuisine at Terra

Terra is a wood fired Italian grill located inside of Eataly Boston on Boylston Street. The rustic dining area matches the rustic approach to the food, where seasonal ingredients are cooked over an open flame.

This restaurant is only open for dinner and dessert, so it certainly helps if you reserve a table before you go. Once seated, you’ll find a menu chock full of incredible dishes, like braciola, rigatoni made with a pork and veal ragu, and grilled quail. To make things even more unique, Terra offers a host of ‘spiedini,’ or skewered foods. Pork shoulder, blood sausage, shrimp, and trumpet royale mushrooms are just a few of the selections available in this portion of the menu. Cocktail and liquor nerds will appreciate the variety of offerings here, including a host of Piemonte vermouths, which you can enjoy neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda and bitters. When you put it all together, it makes for a meal that’s ideal for celebrating any occasion.