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Boston’s Best “Secret” Pizza Places image

Boston’s Best “Secret” Pizza Places

Everybody loves pizza. While many cities serve up a great slice, you may be surprised to learn that some of the best pizza in the country can be found in Boston. Of course you can’t just walk into any pizza chain and hope to get world-class pizza, most are well-kept secrets amongst local Bostonians.

While some might prefer that their “secret” pizza places remain a secret, we at 30 Dalton wanted to share these AMAZING places with you!

Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza

While in Back Bay, make a point of visiting Blaze Fast Fire’d Pizza. A local favorite, this pizza joint is known for making delicious, fresh and customized pizzas faster than you’d expect from something made-to-order. Their “fast firing” cooking method is largely to thank for this speed, but the sharp, quick-on-their-feet employees play a large role as well – did we mention pizza lovers are able to get unlimited toppings!

Stoked Wood Fired Pizza

Stoked Pizza found their fame on the Waterfront in the Financial District, selling pizza from their food truck. Not only is the pizza from Stoked delicious, crispy and fresh, but the team working the truck will make you feel like you’re celebrating. To be fair, any chance you have to eat Stoked Wood Fired Pizza is cause for celebration. Most don’t know, but Stoked recently opened their first store front location in Brookline’s Washington Square, better get there fast before the line is out the door!


If you’re looking for a more creative type of pizza, give Ernesto’s a shot. Their creative pizzas range from cheeseburger pizzas to a traditional (but still absolutely delicious) Margherita pizza. Located in the North End, Ernesto’s is a low-key spot that won’t stay secret for long!

If you try any of our best-kept secret pizza places, be sure to let us know what you think or let us know if there are other secretly amazing pizza places we should test out ourselves!


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