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3 Best Spots for Picturesque Winter Walks image

3 Best Spots for Picturesque Winter Walks

Back Bay, with its stunning brownstones and fashion flagships, features narrow blocks and grid-style street plans that don’t necessarily allow for sprawling, green spaces. Nevertheless, there are several picturesque pockets near 30 Dalton and throughout Boston that need to be experienced this winter. Here are three of the best.

1. Visit the Charles River Esplanade

The Esplanade rests on the southern banks of the Charles River, just off Storrow Drive on the northern edge of Back Bay. This 3-mile trail is lined with charming snow-covered scenes in the winter and cheery cherry blossom trees in the Spring, seducing Bostonites who crave respite from the hubbub of city life. Start your walk at the foot of Harvard Bridge before heading east, taking in the impressive winter views along the route: the small sailboats that glide across the river, Boston’s glistening skyscrapers in the distance and the giant statue of musician Arthur Fiedler. You can stop off for a coffee at the Charles River Bistro and then travel north toward Longfellow Bridge. This green space forms part of the Charles River Reservation, a 17-mile-long state park that loops around the Charles.

2. Stroll Down Boylston Street

Boylston Street slices through Back Bay, dividing the neighborhood into two segments. To the north, you’ll find Commonwealth Avenue. To the south, you will discover Huntington Avenue and Stuart Street. Boylston, however, is the best place to go for a memorable winter walk punctuated by unique architecture and people-watching. The thoroughfare is lined with high-end stores and charming cafes – their elaborate window displays are mesmerizing all year long. Close to 30 Dalton, Boylston Street is a great place to take a short stroll and experience the best of this neighborhood.

3. Walk in the Fens

Just over 2 miles from Back Bay, the Fens area is best visited in the winter when the frost-covered trees create an ethereal atmosphere. This public park dates back to 1879 and is best known for its multiple historic structures: the John Endecott Monument, the John Boyle O’Reilly Memorial and the Japanese temple bell. Start your walk at Brooke House on Park Drive before following one of the twisting paths that lead to the James P. Kelleher Rose Garden.

The three attractions on this list make fantastic walking routes this winter, allowing you to see some of Boston’s most beautiful spots on foot. Even better, these locations are situated close to 30 Dalton, the city’s premier luxury rental community.

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